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Earwyn Global Ltd. is proud to be an associate of the Trans Asian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TACCI), hosting the Mauritius Chapter of the Chamber. Dr Sundaresan Maiyalagan, Founding Secretary of the Mauritius Chapter of the TACCI, is one of our Consultants leading the collaborative effort. With a strong base of Small and Medium Industry Network across Asia, the TACCI Mauritius Chapter hopes to be the bridge that connects businesses and industry between Asia and Africa.

February 24, 2018


The 19th Anniversary of the Trans Asian Chamber of Commerce & Industry was held at the Wodehouse Gymkhana, Mumbai, India. The function was attended by dignitaries from Argentina, New Zealand, Ethiopia, Ecuador, Mauritius, Botswana, China and India. The Trans Asian Chamber Of Commerce & Industry (TACCI)  was started jointly by International Forum of Interior-designers & Architects and lndo-Mongolian Chamber of Commerce & Industry on 24th February 1999. TACCI is the proud Life Member of The Council for Fair Business Practices, since 2003. With the vision is to promote authentic Trade & Commerce, Trans Asian Chamber of Commerce & Industry has established 14 Contact Offices so far in Brazil, Haiti, USA, Canada, Norway, Nederlands, Poland, Mongolia, Israel, Iran, Nepal, New Zealand & Bangladesh. TACCI has signed 14 MoUs in 9 countries, whereas TACCI has created contacts with 58 Countries so far.

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